Consolidation loan – who is it for and is it worth taking it?

Consolidation loans are very popular. They provide greater convenience and allow you to set up a new loan agreement, already with a new lender. What are the rules for making such a commitment? Who is the offer for and is it really a reasonable solution? Who can benefit most from this loan?

Consolidation loan – what exactly is it?

Consolidation loan - what exactly is it?

A consolidation loan is a special type of loan that combines several small liabilities into a larger one. The word consolidation itself comes from Latin and means combination or anastomosis. This is an excellent term for this type of loan, under which the bank takes over the client’s obligations and pays them off – while signing a new contract with him, under the new rules.

A consolidation loan can be taken from the same bank where someone already has a loan, or you can apply to a completely different bank. There are special rankings available online that allow you to check which offer is currently considered the best and why. Guided by them – as well as the opinions of friends, family or own opinions – you can find the best option, which sometimes can literally save you from trouble. 

Consolidation loan – who is it for?

Consolidation loan - who is it for?

The consolidation loan is intended for those who have many financial liabilities. It is easy to understand that repayment of installments from several debts, each of which has a different date and amount can be troublesome. Sometimes there may be some mistake or delay, and in the case of loans, this can result in unpleasant consequences. And yet these obligations include other fees – for gas, electricity, water, installments for equipment. There are a lot of all monthly fees. The consolidation of loans into one later facilitates the entire procedure. Even if we have to pay bills for gas or cable in a timely manner and we must remember about them, many other financial liabilities are combined into one loan. Instead of paying a few extra fees, we pay only one.

A consolidation loan is also a good solution for those who have trouble paying their debts. One loan does not cost much a month, when it is low and spread over many months. However, several installments a month already create a large amount that can be difficult to pay. The combination of liabilities causes that the accounts are renegotiated – hence a new, monthly installment is set. One that you can easily pay for. 

Consolidation loan – according to what principles does it work?

Consolidation loan - according to what principles does it work?

A consolidation loan is a type of loan whereby one bank combines several financial obligations of a client into one loan. Thus, a new contract is signed. Because the loan is higher, the repayment period also increases. This means that the monthly installments are lower than the sum of the monthly installments of several loans taken into account. This is a great plus, because it is easier to pay off such a commitment. On the other hand, however, you ultimately have to pay more because such a loan is repaid for a longer period of time. A longer loan term ultimately means a loss for the customer, but it is a conscious choice – it is better to pay back loans longer than not to be able to repay them at all because of the difficult financial situation.

However, it should be remembered that the consolidation loan is not granted to everyone. As always, the bank checks the customer’s credit capacity, verifies his credit history and only then makes his decision. Usually it is positive, but there are sometimes negative decisions. Sometimes the whole commitment cannot be accepted, because it is too risky. However, the bank may combine several other client commitments into one loan. 

Consolidation loan – is it worth taking it?

Consolidation loan - is it worth taking it?

The decision whether to take a consolidation loan or not is a strictly individual matter. On one hand, for sure, the customer loses more money in the long run, but he has the option of paying off all his obligations, which could be difficult if everything was as it was before. That is why, first of all, people who are already getting lost in numerous bills and are afraid that one day they will forget about something and later have problems or those who have difficulties paying off installments should report to the bank. In such a situation, the consolidation loan is a really good solution that is worth using – although of course you should look around for the best possible offer so as not to overpay. Other people who are rather good at repaying two loans, for example, should rather refrain from consolidation.

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