Personal Loan – Apply now!

Consolidating your debts into a single personal loan will allow you to have better financial health.

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How about unifying those small loans that you have in only one? When liquidity complications arise, it is necessary to propose a solution that allows having a better cash flow. The personal loan is an excellent option to fulfill this purpose. With a TIN interest rate of 10.90% (11.46% APR), it is an ideal alternative for those who have to assume high fees in different credit obligations each month.

The personal loan allows you to return the requested amount within a maximum period of 120 months, which may be a maximum of € 60,000.

Should I apply for a personal loan?

It is advisable to do an initial planning. By knowing the total value of your monthly installments and determining how much is the balance of each of these obligations you can have an estimate of how much you need to request in your personal loan for debt reunification.

The personal loan simulator is an excellent tool when making an accurate decision. Enter the amount you require to pay off all of your other credits and indicate which is the term to which you wish to return your personal loan. Once you know the value of the estimated fee you must pay, you can make a comparison between your personal loan vs. the total of your total obligations month by month.

Where to apply for the personal loan?

We know that each person is different and has their preferences. If you feel comfortable with the online world, you can apply for your personal loan directly on the bank’s website. For those who prefer a closer and personalized contact, you can go to one of the offices and request your personal loan under the same conditions. By any means you will find a highly qualified team to clarify your doubts and indicate all the aspects related to your request.

Interest rates

From 10.90% TIN (11.46% APR) up to 13.9% (14.82% APR). To have a reference, a personal loan application for debt reunification for € 20,000 to 96 months would generate a monthly fee of € 313.09. The interest rates applied to your personal loan may vary according to the amount and term that best suit your needs.