The Power of Aloe Vera

What Is Aloe Vera?
We’ve probably all heard of aloe vera and we’ve all been told that it has beneficial effects. So what actually is it and what can it actually do for us?
There are more than 350 varieties of aloe vera but only 4 contain significant healing properties, the most nutrient dense of these is aloe vera barbadensis miller. Aloe vera is a complex mixture of some 300 constituents including beta-linked polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, lignins, saponins and anthraquinones.
Aloe vera is a succulent, a member of the Liliacae family, this is the same family as the onion, garlic, asparagus, lily and the tulip. They naturally grow in the desert and aloe vera’s nick names is “lily of the desert”.
Although it may not be the most attractive plant, it has been used to improve health and beauty for over 4000 years. Earliest recorded pharmaceutical use dates back to 2100 BC in Sumeria/Babylon, there are also hieroglyphic inscriptions of aloe dated to 4100 BC which were found in the tomb of an Egyptian Court physician. Queen Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti, both renown for their stunning beauty, used aloe vera to stay healthy and beautiful. Aloe vera today still is unfailingly popular for the same reasons it was valued for throughout the ages.
The harsh desert climate in which the aloe plant grows means that the plant has to protect itself from damage and water loss. This is what causes the plant to make the compounds, the benefits of which are passed on to you when you use aloe vera.

How Can Aloe Vera Benefit Me?
Boosts Your Immune System.
If you are tired, run down and always suffering from coughs and colds it may be due to a weakened immune system. Taking oral aloe vera supplement can help boost your immune system.
It is easy to underestimate the power of improving immune strength. We tend to focus on work on treating individual symptoms. While symptom treatment is helpful, whether you have a cold or a cut, the most powerful thing you can do for your health is improve your immune system.
Fighting Wrinkles.
For many years beauty specialists have known Aloe vera can stimulate cell growth and research has been performed to discover the secret to aloe vera’s abilities.
Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, M.D., Ph.D., president of North Texas Research Laboratories and a retired Professor of Physiology from the University of Texas has conducted studies showing the production of fibroblast cells is increases by compounds found in aloe vera.
These cells are responsible for the production of collagen, a protein which adds structure and support to the skin.
Helping The Heart.
Aloe vera can benefit the circulatory system. Aloe lowers triglycerides and LDL or the “bad cholesterol” and raises HDL the “good cholesterol”. Several studies have shown when aloe is added to the diet, symptoms and signs of coronary artery disease have been reduced or disappeared.
A study done in 1985 used 5,000 people with acknowledged coronary artery disease and angina pectoris, which is chest pain on physical exertion, which indicates a lake of circulation of blood to the heart muscles, were fed with aloe vera added to their diet. The results were no more signs of angina pectoris Lr Aloe Vera.
Soothes Intestinal Upset.
Intestinal dysfunctions are often responsible of abnormal digestion. Among them, IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease and IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, can be eased by oral aloe vera supplement.
Wound Healing Properties.
An oral aloe vera supplement provides ongoing support for healing, and helps your body repair itself on a continuing basis, whether you’re suffering from a small wound like a cut, or have a wound healing problem associated with a medical problem.
Asthma affects one in four people on average and is present in all age groups. Asthma symptoms include wheezing, an overproduction of mucus and excessive coughing. The symptoms are the result of muscular over activity causing inflammation and mucus production. It can be triggered by allergies, emotions or stress. Most people have warning signs that an attack is coming on and can treat it with prescription medications such as Albuterol.
One study in 2005 found that 57% of the asthmatics studied found more relief from a combination of conventional and natural treatments, than prescription medicines alone. One of the natural treatments being used was aloe vera.

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